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Lightfulness Coaching

What is Lightfulness Coaching?

Lightfulness Coaching is guiding spiritual and holistic wellbeing to letting go of fears and finding trust – the connection to the divine source – your inner light, strength, and your own voice.

Lighfulness Coaching helps you identify your own *path to consciousness, working your insecurities and challenges from unnecessary burdens to freedom towards a lighter and brighter life.

You have come here to co-create a new world and thrive.

Lightfulness exercises are conscious work to help understand the deeper being of humans. We are not only bodies, or thoughts and feelings, but higher consciousness that manifests in our bodies, and through our bodies. Identifying with the body and its problems imprisons the mind. Lightfulness exercises liberate the mind from the obstacles and structures it has created.

If this resonates with you, please request a Lightfulness Coaching meeting for yourself – a transformational guidance session either face-to-face or via Skype leena(at)

*The path to consciousness is a path of inner growth and development – moving from a coarse and heavy way of life towards a lighter level of being. Examples of a coarse way of living are disconnection, separateness, fear, guilt, shame, competetiveness, and performance. A lighter and brighter way of life is instead based on oneness, trust, cooperation, loving, caring, and sharing. Being just you the way you are – shining your light.


For advanced wellbeing professionals, coaches and instructors in Helsinki

Autumn 2018 (in Finnish)

The Lighfulness Coach Practitioner (basics) and Lightfulness Coach Master (advanced) Training Programme is meant for health and wellbeing professionals/coaches interested in holistic and spiritual wellbeing (body, mind, spirit) with previous experience in body-mind training, and who wish to deepen their understanding in identifying a person’s spiritual being and the wisdom and one’s potential in it.

The main themes of The Training

  • Shift in Consciousness – Becoming Aware Who You Really Are
  • Transformation – The Steps of Your Path of Becoming Conscious
  • Heart Consciousness – Integrating Head and Heart
  • Letting Go of Fears and Finding Trust
  • Facing a Global problem: Existential Anxiety
  • Finding the Meaning and Purpose of Your Life
  • Connecting into Your Inner Light and Wisdom
  • Oneness – Unconditional Love towards Yourself and Others
  • Integrating Lightfulness Coaching Skills to Your Previous Competence

We learn Lighfulness Exercises, such as the Lightfull Breathing – a self care meditation, which helps you focus on e.g. improving your health, calming or uplifting the mind, repairing your relationships, and clarifying situations in life.

The Lightfulness Coach Training Program gives you the capabilities to instruct spiritual wellbeing. The training is excellently suited for e.g. mindfulness and yoga instructors, therapists and care workers, as well as life coaches and wellbeing instructors.

When applying for the Lightfulness Coach Training Program you are expected to be interested in stepping on your own path to heart consciousness to find your inner light and to share it onwards. In addition: a coaching training period of two months (basics) and six months (advanced), including one personal coaching, webinars, and a weekend retreat on near Helsinki.

Contact: leena(at)

Leena Maria Markkanen

I am a social psychologist, speaker of a shift in consciousness and instructor of spiritual and holistic wellbeing. I am also the creator of the Lightfulness Coaching® -method and Lightfulness Coach Training Programme. In my job I help people to become conscious of their struggles and the meaning of obstacles or hardships. I believe everything in our lives has a meaning and nothing happens in vain. I guide people in letting go of their fears and finding trust – a connection to their own divine light within. In my individual and group coaching (also via Skype) I teach e.g. meditative Lightfull Breathing self-care exercise, which is based on experiences of improvement and recovery, even from serious illnesses.

If this resonates with you, please request a Lightfulness Coaching -meeting for yourself – a guidance session either face-to-face or via Skype leena(at)

I feel it is important to share the expertise I have gained as an instructor of spiritual and holistic wellbeing and the insight based on my own profound experiences. From these experiences rose the Lightfulness Coach Training as an advanced instructor training. After completing the training all new instructors (graduated LIghtfulness Coaches) can guide their own clients to find their inner strength and light of the heart.

“My mission is to help you find your own divine light within to guide you forward to discover unconditional love towards yourself and others… and to thrive.”

Hope to get in contact

Please request a Lightfulness-workshop or a seminar, or a Lightfulness Coaching meeting for yourself – a transformational guidance session either face-to-face or via Skype.

Please email leena(at)

Much Love & Light – Leena